About Us

Falcon Foundation was established in the year 2005 soon after the Big Indian Tsunami of December 2004. One of our first acts was to provide help to a few of the fishing villages along with a day care/after school program called “The Josiah Program” for street and slum kids in the city of Chennai. In addition to the Josiah program the foundation supports a number of other non-governmental organisations that work with orphans, young adults and women among some of the far flung areas of India.

The vision of the foundation – “empowering minds, enriching lives” – is to create life changing opportunities for people who would otherwise not have them by providing them access to education and other essential necessities.

Falcon Foundation is a registered charitable organization with the government of India. All gifts and donation made in India are tax deductible under section 80 G of the Income tax Act, 1961. The US wing, Falcon Foundation International Inc., is incorporated in the state of Florida.